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What is hot melt adhesive film?

The main function of "hot melt adhesive film" is the same as double-sided adhesive, sponge adhesive, and glue, and it is used to paste two substrates. Hot-melt adhesive film manufacturers, by purchasing hot-melt adhesive particles, and then processing them, finally make hot-melt adhesive films into rolls.

Epidemic protection should not be slack

Vaccination is the best way to prevent new coronary pneumonia, helping to build a herd immunity barrier, slow down and stop the epidemic, and protect the health of individuals and families. Please follow the immunization schedule strictly and get vaccinated on time.

Application of TPU in sports shoes

TPU is a common material, short for Thermoplastic Urethane. It has strong elasticity and tension, in addition to being tough and anti-aging, it is also a mature environmentally friendly material.

TPU Autobiography

I am TPU My name: Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer Rubber I belong to a kind of polymer material, and it has become a plastic material commonly used by plastic processing industry.

A new round of price increases for TPU is coming!

At the beginning of 2022, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, storms, geographical factors and soaring crude oil prices, the chemical raw material sector has grown wildly.

A table to understand the application of TPU in shoe materials

TPU has good processing properties such as injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding, molding, etc. Its application covers the three major shoe-making projects of sole, upper and lamination, and is favored by the majority of shoe manufacturers. From the figure below It can be seen that TPU covers almost the entire scope of the shoe manufacturing process.

How to distinguish TPU recycled material?

TPU recycled material refers to waste TPU raw materials (including mixed materials, miscellaneous materials, etc.) that are recycled and decomposed as raw materials.

TPU has a wide range of applications, and the market concentration is increasing

my country's TPU market is highly concentrated, accounting for more than 70% of the TOP6 enterprise market, and with the continuous increase in production and expansion of some enterprises in recent years, the domestic TPU market concentration continues to rise.
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