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Talent Concept


Human resources are the first resources of enterprises, talents are the cornerstone of enterprise development, and the dispute between modern enterprises is a dispute over talent. Doing a good job of talent introduction, selection, cultivation, and incentive is an important task for Singbon New Materials.

Establish a talent evaluation and performance assessment system guided by performance and contribution, adhere to the principle of "use the use of talents, and do their best", through three professional channels, enable employees to find their own position, clarify the direction of efforts, and achieve the best efforts to be able to work with posts good match.

In accordance with the requirements of enterprise development, we will continuously improve the training system at all levels, strengthen all -person training, and conduct different types of discipline in various aspects of business management, project management, technical backbone, safety production, and cultural construction. 


Talent Strategy

The company adheres to the employment concept of "the selection of talents should be widely accepted, the assessment standard should be both ability and political integrity, and the talent should be treated without doubt". With the continuous development and growth of the company, the company has formed a complete talent strategy system, a standardized human resource management system and a relatively complete talent training and development channel.


Talent Development

We adhere to the idea of "talent development as the foundation", take the construction of talent quality and ability as the core, optimize the structure of the talent team as the main line, and firmly grasp the four links of attracting, training, using and retaining talents to create a good quality suitable for talent development. The environment provides a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of the company.



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