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About us


Qixia Singbon New Material Technology co .,  Ltd, located in a beautiful coastal city--Yantai,Shandong Province, is a  high-tech enterprise specializing  in the  production of  high-tech new material  TPU and  downstream extrusion  products and  injection products. The company has passed ISO9001 , ISO14001  certification,  AAA credit rating certification and many other invention certifications. All  products have  reached the industry  quality standard  under the strict  production inspection. It  provide the necessary conditions of creating high-quality projects and meeting the needs of clients.




Company business range: high-tech new material TPU product research and development, production, sales. As an emerging high-tech environment-friendly material,  it has many excellent  features including a wide range  of hardness, high mechanical strength, outstanding low temperature resistance, good permeability, environmental degradation, oil and water resistance, etc.It is widely  used in automobile, electronics,  wire and cables, pipes,  shoes, food packaging  and other industries and  people's livelihood.




The reason why you choose Singbon : we are in good faith of integrity, win-win cooperation concept, and always adhere to take the customer demand as the guide, the science and technology innovation as the core, talent development as the foundation ,operational excellence as  the basis. We implement internationalization,  diversification, industrialization and low-cost  strategy under complete industrial chain, which is  committed to developing Singbon into a large and  excellent high-end enterprise at home and abroad.e





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